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Commercial Floor Heating Systems

From yoga studios and office buildings, to schools and aircraft hangars, STEP Warmfloor low voltage powered radiant heating solutions are a perfect choice to maximize comfort, wellness, and efficiency in commercial spaces.

STEP Warmfloor low voltage powered heating systems are ideal for offices, factories, and warehouses as well as gyms, hotels, restaurants, schools, retail stores/shops and high-rise multi-unit buildings. Whether primary heating, complimentary heating or just floor warming to take the chill out of occupied spaces, a custom STEP Warmfloor solution can be designed for your unique application requirements.

Numerous studies document the positive impact healthy buildings provide for occupants. Benefits include higher worker productivity, improved test scores for students, reduced illness, lower absentee rates, and increased worker satisfaction. The inherent operating features of all STEP Warmfloor radiant systems are designed to positively impact the wellness of any heated space.

Empty floor space with large windows
Dining room space with tables and chairs and a open patio

What is STEP Warmfloor?

STEP HEAT’s core heating technology advantage is centered around its innovative and award-winning carbon polymer heating elements. Unlike any other, STEP HEAT heating elements are thin (3/64” thick) and flexible, yet rugged and durable to assure easy installation and decades of trouble-free performance as backed by a 20-year limited warranty. This unique and patented material performs like its own temperature sensor to continually adjust its output to changing room conditions at all points across the heated area. The result is substantial consumption savings, even heat distribution, no overheating issues and the elimination of circulating dust, allergens, and other airborne contaminants from over-died heated air generated by central air systems.

Made by Electro Plastics Inc., the company’s St. Louis headquarters is a 35,000 square foot facility built to be a “living laboratory” as proof of both primary heating comfort, improved wellness, and energy efficiency properties of STEP Warmfloor in a commercial building. A variety of installation methods were used including under a 6” concrete slab (ground), between concrete slabs (upper floor), under rubber mats, floating wood boards, bamboo, tile flooring. The facility is LEED registered and has earned the EPA’s Energy Star Award.


Where Can STEP Warmfloor be used?

Unlike any other radiant heating system, STEP Warmfloor can be placed under virtually any surface!






Wet Areas


Pavers & Stone


Tile & Granite






Between Joists



Ultimate Comfort

Enjoy the highest level of comfort with a soft warmth that is even, balanced, and
draft free.

Energy Efficient

Consumption efficiency gains of 30-60% when compared to line voltage cable/mat systems and traditional hydronic systems.

Increased Health & Wellness

Elimination of overheated dry air, dust, allergens, other harmful airborne contaminants circulated by traditional forced air systems to improve productivity, absenteeism, and occupant satisfaction.

LEED - Certified Green

Innovative carbon polymer heating elements made from recyclable non-hazardous materials and certified to comply with LEED standards.

Intrinsically Safe

24V Safe Extra Low Voltage (SELV) rating protection. No grounding required and approved for wet areas.

Alternative Energy Ready

24V AC or DC power options provide alternative energy use design flexibility for passive, net zero, off-grid and net metering power source applications.

Silent and Invisible

Eliminates distractions made by noisy heating equipment. No unsightly vents, baseboards, blowers, and wall units obstructions. Reclaim valuable mechanical space.

Zero Scheduled Maintenance

Eliminate the expense and hassle from worn out part repairs, equipment tune-ups, filter change outs and piping failure damage.

Quick & Easy Installation

Heating elements are thin (3/64” thick) and flexible, yet rugged and durable. Material is cut to length from rolls and can be nailed, stapled or taped to the subfloor.

Twenty Year Warranty

All heating elements are covered by a 20 year limited warranty to assure years of trouble free operation.

Whether renovating a single room, undergoing an addition, revamping an existing home, or building your dream home from the ground up, STEP Warmfloor offers multiple design solutions to provide the ultimate heating comfort coupled with enhanced wellness and proven sustainability. When considering your next heating project, experience the ease of working with the Green Wave Team to achieve the ultimate in comfort living.

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