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Sustainable Living - Burrillville, RI

Dedicated to sustainability, this home features underfloor radiant heating as its sole heating source, powered by a solar flower.

The homeowner of this beautiful property is a Wetland Biologist and Owner of Natural Resource Services, a consultancy dedicated to helping homeowners, contractors, and builders identify and preserve local New England wetlands, while still pushing their projects forward. The 1,590 sq ft, 2-story house was built from a 1937 Sears & Roebucks kit.

The homeowners have one solar flower dedicated for the house alone, and they are pre-wired for another unit for the house. Currently, they are using a net metering application with no battery storage system, which may be added in the future, as well. Any extra power that is not consumed as generated, just spins the electrical meter backwards essentially offering a power credit that is offset against power consumption not provided by the solar flower. When extra power is required to supplement the solar flower, the grid power provides the rests as part of the net metering functionality.

A single solar flower covers close to 50% of the home’s total power consumption needs, including the entire radiant underfloor heating system by STEP HEAT. A heat loss analysis shows that the majority of the first floor and the entire second floor operate at 2.0-2.4 watts per square foot respectively. With the electricity cost at $0.16/KWH for Burillville, RI, the estimated annual cost is roughly $895, which doesn’t include any reductions.


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